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The FWGNA project no longer offers Recommendations
Eastern Tennessee River drainages

Between the 2011 debut of the FWGTN website and 2013, a page offering conservation recommendations was located at this web address.  But since the scandal surrounding the publication of the American Fisheries Society review by Johnson and colleagues (2013), we have removed all reference to conservation as a goal of this project, preferring instead to focus entirely upon science.

In place of subjective estimates of "conservation status" we have developed an objective system to rank freshwater gastropods by their relative abundances, based on nonparametric analysis of the distribution of commonness and rarity.  This approach has been pioneered with data from the freshwater gastropod fauna of Atlantic drainages, but has not as yet been extended to Tennessee.

Workers who are nevertheless interested in FWGNA abundance-based rankings for that subset of the freshwater gastropod fauna shared between East Tennessee and the drainages of the Atlantic slope are invited to visit here: Synthesis.

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Johnson, Bogan, Brown, Burkhead, Cordeiro, Garner, Hartfield, Lepitzki, Mackie, Pip, Tarpley, Tiemann, Whelan & Strong (2013)  Conservation status of freshwater gastropods of Canada and the United States.  Fisheries 38: 247- 282.