Table 1

The 40 freshwater gastropod species confirmed from Virginia Atlantic drainages are listed in the left column below (combining subspecies), ordered by their number of records in our database, with FWGNA incidence ranks.  The suffix "p" marks peripheral species, and asterisks* mark species demonstrating non-apparent rarity.  This list is compared to the historical review of Stewart & Dillon (2004) and the spurious review of Johnson et al (2013), giving synonyms as necessary.

Confirmed in this study
Stewart & Dillon (2004)
Johnson et al (2013)
Leptoxis carinata 365
I-5 L. carinata L. carinata
Campeloma decisum
I-5 C. decisum C. decisum
Physa acuta
I-5 Physella acuta Physella heterostropha
Menetus dilatatus 199
I-5 Micromenetus dilatatus,
M. brogniartianus
Micromenetus dilatatus, M. brogniartianus
Helisoma anceps 183 I-5 H. anceps H. anceps
Ferrissia fragilis 158
I-5 F. fragilis F. fragilis
Lymnaea columella 128
I-5 Pseudosuccinea columella P. columella
Lymnaea humilis
I-5 Fossaria spp. Galba humilis, G. obrussa, G. exigua, G. parva, G. dalli
Pleurocera virginica 84 I-5 Elimia virginica E. virginica
Lyogyrus granum
I-5 L. granum L. granum
Physa gyrina 62 I-5 Physella gyrina Physella gyrina, P. ancillaria
Ferrissia rivularis 57
I-5 Ferrissia rivularis, F. parallela F. rivularis
Laevapex fuscus53I-5L. fuscusL. fuscus
Gyraulus parvus42I-5G. parvusG. parvus
Pleurocera proxima
I-5 Elimia proxima E. proxima, E. symmetrica
Helisoma trivolvis
37 I-5 Planorbella trivolvis P. trivolvis
Physa pomilia 35 I-4 -
Physella pomilia, P. hendersoni
Amnicola limosa34I-5A. limosusA. limosus
Pleurocera catenaria dislocata
P. catenaria catenaria (combined)
I-5 Elimia catenaria Elimia dislocata
Elimia catenaria
Fontigens orolibas23I-4*F. orolibasF. orolibas
Fontigens nickliniana 21
I-4 F. nickliniana F. nickliniana
Physa carolinae
I-4   P. carolinae
Pleurocera shenandoa 20
I-3p Elimia semicarinata  
Bellamya japonica
I-4    -
Somatogyrus virginicus8I-4S. virginicusS. virginicus, S. pennsylvanicus
Lioplax subcarinata 7
I-4 L. subcarinata L. subcarinata
Littoridinops tenuipes
I-4 L. tenuipes L. tenuipes
Bithynia tentaculata 5 I-3p B. tentaculata  -
Promenetus exacuous
I-4 P. exacuous P. exacuous
Planorbula armigera
I-4 P. armigera P. armigera
Fontigens morrisoni 3 I-2 F. morrisoni F. morrisoni
Gillia altilis3I-4G. altilisG. altilis
Hebetancylus excentricus 2
I-3p   H. excentricus
Fontigens bottimeri 2
I-3* F. bottimeri F. bottimeri
Fontigens tartarea
Valvata tricarinata 2
I-3p V. tricarinata V. tricarinata
Viviparus georgianus 1
I-4 V. georgianus V. georgianus
Holsingeria unthanksensis
1 I-1 Holsingeria sp. 1 H. unthanksensis
Gyraulus deflectus 1
I-3p G. deflectus G. deflectus
Pomatiopsis lapidaria 1 I-3p P. lapidaria P. lapidaria
Bellamya chinensis 0  I-4 Cipangopaludina chinensis   -
Aplexa hypnorum
0  I-1p A. elongata
A. elongata
Valvata bicarinata 0  I-4 V. bicarinata V. bicarinata
- 0  - Stagnicola neopalustris
S. neopalustris
TOTAL 2,294         


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